Friday, February 5, 2010

Some photos from Victoria Ho

Chris' coworker Victoria posted a bunch of photos on Facebook so I thought I would share a few of them here for those not on Facebook.

Article in Gilroy Dispatch

Our local newspaper, the Gilroy Dispatch, had an article today that referenced my trip to Haiti as well as another Gilroy resident who was over there. Follow the link to read the story - Click Here

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soooo good to be home!

Oh how we take for granted the feel of a soft, warm bed, a hot shower and a full belly.  I hope and pray (yes, Chris!) for the future of Haiti and hope somehow we made a difference even if for a small few. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team is on the ground in San Jose

Enough said....

What happens next for postings?

Crystal had asked about a debriefing of sorts from the team and I've been thinking about what comes next on the blog. I'll talk with Chris about it, to find out what is most comfortable. Ideally she can start posting some recaps of her trip in this blog and if others want to as well, we can work out a way for them to post onto the blog, it's pretty easy to do.

There is also a Facebook fan page that many are following, unfortunately not everyone is on Facebook so it may be difficult for some to follow the stories.

So the invitation is open to all on the team if they want to start posting to this blog once they return, this includes their photos. I'll get that passed around and find out who is interested.

They will ALL be home @ 11:30 AM

Chris, ChrisP and Victoria made it to DFW and they ran into the rest of the original team! The other folks got on a plane yesterday, made it to Miami and are now @ DFW.

The whole original team that left San Jose a week ago are on their way back on American Airlines flight 1347 scheduled to arrive in San Jose @ 11:30 AM.

Welcome Home!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming home tomorrow morning....

Flights out of Atlanta early tomorrow morning, connect in Dallas, then arrive in San Jose @ 11:30 AM.

They have made it to Atlanta

They have landed in Atlanta! I guess they had a stop in San Juan, refuel, hang out for a while, and that's why it took so long. So they are getting a hotel and we'll be working to figure out flights for tomorrow once she calls from the hotel.

Where's Waldo...I mean Chris...

6 PM - Still waiting for a call back from Chris. She thought she was going to Atlanta, but who knows, maybe she is ending up somewhere else. I will post something as soon as I hear, I know people are waiting for news like I am. Hopefully we hear something soon. Based on the time it is right now, I don't believe the will be making it back to San Jose tonight...

Scholastic Kid Report interviewing Harry Smith from CBS News

My brother Bill put this in a blog comment and it's worth making sure everyone has the option to see this.

First, the kid that interviews him is great, really good questions and very articulate.  But what is really important is hearing Harry Smith describe what he went through over there and how he is dealing with this after his trip over there.  For someone that has seen so much, it is amazing how much this trip impacted him.  Post Traumatic Stress is going to be a problem I think for not only the victims, but those that went over to help.  Worthy viewing.

They are on a plane to Atlanta

I did not get much in the way of details, they were running to get on the plane as we spoke.  I believe it may be a commercial Delta flight, but I don't know for sure and I don't know when it will be arriving.  They will call me when they get there and we'll figure out if we can get them home from Atlanta today or tomorrow.

Apparently they were just sitting on the tarmac, waiting for flight options, there is no terminal, everything is outdoors. 

Video from Alden Ho at one of the clinics being run today

Here's a video that Alden Ho posted on Facebook showing one of the clinics in operation today.

Chris at Port au Prince Airport

Chris called this morning around 6 AM PST to let me know they made it to the airport and are now trying to figure out how to get out.  They are waiting for military transports that have seats available (if you carry a US Passport you can get on one of these).  There are some commercial flights going out but they come at a cost of $600 p/seat.  So they will wait and she will call once she hears more information.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Part of the team coming home Tuesday!

I spoke with Chris this evening.  As time goes on over there it sounds like things are becoming more and more political unfortunately.  Getting supplies out is becoming a real challenge, the reports are that there are a lot of supplies at the airport but getting them out is becoming political and problematic.

The other challenge as well is getting out of there.  To leave, they will need to go to the airport and wait for a transport flight they can get on, so total standby.  ChrisP, Chris and Victoria are going to the airport on Tuesday morning with about 9 other folks from another team to see if they can get out of Haiti to Miami.  We'll know more tomorrow, she said she would call when she makes it to the airport and learns more.

I was asked in the comments if any of them over there have seen Mateo, the answer is no.  He came over earlier and was not with this organization, so they don't believe he was ever at that camp where they are at.  Hopefully he has been heard from since the comment was posted.  Was he due back into work and did not show up?

Chris, Tricia and Michelle on Monday

Waiting for their assignments this morning....